Real Estate Attorney

How to Become a Real Estate Attorney

A real estate attorney deals with the sale and purchase of residential and commercial real estate, handles zoning issues, and negotiation of leases. To become a real estate attorney, the person needs a major education qualification and a lot of field experience. The criteria and the requirements to become a real estate attorney are listed below.

Real Estate Attorney

Step 1: A Bachelor’s Degree Program

To become a real estate attorney the students must first complete a bachelor’s degree. These degree programs usually last four years. Law schools do not intend the student to complete a specific major. But students may consider completing a business or economics degree because the real estate laws are related to economic and business transactions

Step 2: LSAT –The law School Admission Test

The American Bar Association approved law school requires the candidates to take the Law School Admission Test. This test measures the individual’s verbal reasoning and reading skills. LSAT is the most important factor that the law schools require at the time of admission.

Step 3: a Juris Doctor Degree

The duration of the typical law degree is three years of regular study. Part-time programs are offered by some law schools for working professionals. But these programs may take a longer duration to complete.

The first year generally consists of core subjects that are considered elementary to the legal profession, such as, legal writing, civil procedure, and torts. The other two years of law study is based on elective subjects which include administrative law, energy law, and civil rights litigation.

Step 4: The Bar Exam

All states require the lawyers to be licensed. It is mandatory for the candidates to pass the Bar exam to be given with the license. The format of the Bar exam varies from state to state. It generally consists of several essays and MCQs. Many states organize the 6-hour Multi-state Bar examination (MBE) and Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam (MPE).

Step 5: Begin your career as a lawyer

After passing the Bar Association exams, the lawyer can practice in any field of law. Private law firms usually hire practicing law attorneys with a minimum of 2 years of experience.

Step 6: Earn a certificate or LLM

Law schools offer certificates in real estate to practicing attorneys and master of laws in real estate (LLM). These programs hosts courses in commercial real estate, real estate finance and real estate in federal tax.

KEY SKILLS: Communication, problem-solving, analytical, writing, and speaking skills.